James O'Brien Responds To Brexit Party Turning Their Back On The EU Anthem

2 July 2019, 13:03

James O'Brien said the Brexit Party MEPs were hypocrites for turning their back on the EU anthem while taking a hefty salary from the EU Parliament.

Nigel Farage's MEPs took part in the stunt as a band played Ode To Joy in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg as they took their seats for the first time.

But James said if they wanted to protest, they should have refused to take their seats like Sinn Fein do.

Speaking on his LBC show, James said: "What is a protest against? If you want to protest against a parliament, do what Sinn Fein do and don't turn up.

"That's the parallel. Sinn Fein don't take their seats in Westminster because they protest and object to the primacy of Westminster over Northern Ireland.

James O'Brien responds to the Brexit Party's stunt
James O'Brien responds to the Brexit Party's stunt. Picture: EU Parliament / LBC

"This lot are there, sitting in the parliament, protesting against the parliament.

"And that's just stupid."

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