Retired Met Officer Says Police Scrambler Bikes "Nothing New"

1 November 2017, 11:53 | Updated: 1 November 2017, 14:35

A former officer of a police motorcycle unit says they used to get “very good results” but that the unit was closed down in 2011 due to cuts.

Scotland Yard has unveiled new tactics in the battle against moped thieves, including deploying officers on scrambler motorbike to chase down suspects. But, a retired officer says this is nothing new.

Andy, who is a retired Met Sergeant told James he was part of a north London motorcycle police unit which was started around 2004 but discontinued in 2011.

He said an excuse was found to get rid of them.

Andy says they were an effective unit and he was involved in around 40 pursuits.

"We never had a serious injury to any member of the public", he said.

James and Police Bikes
Picture: LBC