James O'Brien Ridicules The Criticism Of "Gender-Neutral School Uniforms"

2 July 2018, 15:30

This is the killer line from James O'Brien which ended the debate over gender-neutral school uniform.

Newspapers this morning carried a story that a number of schools are to make girls wear trousers instead of skirts to cater for transgender children.

Cue outrage on social media. But James had one line that killed the argument stone dead.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

He said: "Here is the first paragraph of the story in today's newspapers about children's clothes: 'Dozens of schools have banned skirts in favour of a gender-neutral uniform.'

"Here is how they could have written it, if they were interested in imparting information and treating you like an intelligent consumer of fact rather than a furiously-ignorant fight waiting to start. 'Dozens of schools have banned skirts in favour of... trousers.' That's the story.

"'It's a gender-neutral uniform.' No, it's a pair of trousers. What is your problem?"