James O'Brien's Row With Caller Who Wants No-Deal Brexit Because Of "Free-Range Bananas"

14 May 2019, 13:13 | Updated: 14 May 2019, 14:55

This Brexiter started his call with James O'Brien claiming that his family had 350 years of manufacturing experience and ended up saying he wanted to leave the EU over "free-range bananas".

Christopher insisted that we need to get out of the European Union on WTO terms because the EU are protecting manufacturing in other countries at the expense of industries in the UK.

After he mentioned manufacturing and agriculture, James asked him why Nissan moved to Sunderland if the EU held back manufacturing.

Christopher couldn't answer that and things started to get heated as James asked the same question again and again.

Then they moved on to agriculture and the call got even more intense.

He said: "Where are we going to excel in the UK? We're never going to grow the cheapest bananas, we can't grow bananas.

"But what we could do, we could do free-range."

James queried: "Free-range bananas?"

James O&squot;Brien heard that the UK can excel in "free-range bananas"
James O'Brien heard that the UK can excel in "free-range bananas". Picture: PA / LBC

Christopher then continued: "My wife chooses to go and buy free-range food, she wants food grown in the UK. Why do we want to ship it all around the world?"

James responded: "Because the people selling bananas or fruit or vegetables to your wife who deliberately buys British sustain their business models by also selling fruit and vegetables to people who don't care where it comes from, they shop according to price.

"If we leave the European Union without any trade agreements in place, that would wipe out the British producer.

"You started with the automotive industry and it fell apart so quickly.

"Christopher, this is pointless. Every time you say something, I show you that you're wrong."

The full call is a very entertaining clip - and ends on a very surprising and entertaining note. Watch it in full at the top of the page.