The James O'Brien Caller Who Says There Are Too Many Trans People On TV

10 May 2019, 13:30 | Updated: 10 May 2019, 13:34

This is the James O’Brien caller who claimed feminism is making women “miserable” and there are too many transgender people on TV.

Scott in Blackburn phoned LBC after Amber Rudd said Tory leadership hopefuls should not “parade” their wives in public.

The Work and Pension Secretary said she was instead “interested in policies”.

“This shouldn't be some Game of Thrones push for the Iron Throne,” she said.

But, Scott told James he thought it was great and that “traditional family values” were under threat.

The call left LBC listeners in both disbelief and hysterics
The call left LBC listeners in both disbelief and hysterics. Picture: LBC

“I like the idea,” he said. “I think feminism has made women miserable and all the stats show this.”

James quipped: “I’m sure that most of the women you meet do very quickly become miserable.”

Continuing to defend his argument, Scott went on to claim transgender people were now being “over-represented” in films an TV shows - but wasn't able to name any specific examples.

“Which movie?” James asked. “Mrs. Doubtfire, is that what we’re talking about?”

Scott replied: “You mean the Robin Williams movie? I wasn’t specifically thinking about that no…”

The call lasted well over six minutes and left LBC listeners in both disbelief and stitches.

Watch it in full above.