Theo Usherwood's powerful coronavirus message from hospital: Please stay at home

23 March 2020, 13:53 | Updated: 24 March 2020, 08:28

By Adrian Sherling

Theo Usherwood has been in hospital for a week suffering from pneumonia and suspected coronavirus. This is his powerful message to everyone: stay home or the NHS won't be able to cope.

LBC's political editor has been missed from the airwaves over the last couple of weeks after falling ill and, speaking to James O'Brien, he paid tribute to the NHS staff who saved his life.

And he urged people to stay at home and obey social distancing guidelines because if the NHS becomes over-run, they won't be able to give patients the treatment that they need.

He told LBC: "On Thursday, it was very difficult and they couldn't find a solution. The drugs weren't working and it was very serious.

"But the doctors kept going. They were like codebreakers.

"This wasn't medicine by ticking a box or by numbers. They were operating on a completely different level, trying stuff, trying to figure out how they could save my life.

James O'Brien had a very emotional call with Theo Usherwood
James O'Brien had a very emotional call with Theo Usherwood. Picture: LBC

"And they can't do that if there is chaos and pandemonium. They simply can't function like that.

"If there is pandemonium, they won't be able to fix that person who comes in necessarily."

Theo's call had listeners in tears.

Listen to the full, emotional call at the top of the page.