This Ex-Pat Dislikes The EU And Wants To Leave, Despite Living In France

29 November 2017, 13:33 | Updated: 29 November 2017, 14:16

Ex-pat Steve called James O'Brien that he hates the European Union and is delighted that Britain is leaving. But he's going to stay living in the EU in France.

The remarkable call came when James O'Brien discussed reports that Theresa May had agreed a £50billion divorce bill with the EU.

Steve insisted that he won't be moving back to Britain because it's too full due to immigration - despite him being an immigrant in France himself.

And he doesn't want Britain to be in the EU, but he will continue to live in the EU after Brexit.

Steve revealed he voted to stay in the EU in the 1970s, but it has since become too political and he is now a passionate Brexiteer.

He is confident his status as a foreigner in France will not be affected and he insists he won't be coming back to live in Britain.

James O'Brien was left baffled by Steve
James O'Brien was left baffled by Steve. Picture: LBC

With a touch of sarcasm, James asked him: "Why don't you want to live in an independent country? Why do you want to stay living in presumably a country enslaved with European Union bureaucracy?

Steve responded: "I am an independent Brit, living abroad and I'm happy to be that. I can come home any time I like with my British passport, if I so desire.

"I have no wish to come back, there are too many people there already, falling over each other..."

James asked: "People living her who are from other countries?"

When Steve said: "Possibly," James pointed out: "That's people like you in France."

James had the last word: "So you don't want to come back to Britain because there are too many people like you?"