Tom Watson: Theresa May Had A "Difficult Job" And "Did It Badly"

24 May 2019, 12:35

Theresa May had a "difficult job" and she "did it badly" Tom Watson told LBC giving his reaction to the Prime Minister setting out her departure date.

Labour's Deputy Leader Tom Watson told LBC he thinks Theresa May "tried to do what was right for the country," but that she failed because "she realised the need for compromise was too late."

The Labour MP said he thought "we are on the cusp of having a very hard right" Tory leadership which will "make it harder" to bring the country back together.

"Johnson is an unusual character" because he "isn't really rooted in any tradition," adding that he is "undoubtedly the most self-interested politician standing." 

Labour's Deputy Leader was speaking to LBC
Labour's Deputy Leader was speaking to LBC. Picture: LBC

Mr Watson said that the former Foreign Secretary would only be able to become leader with the support of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

When James O'Brien asked why Labour "hasn't capitalised on Conservative chaos?" Mr Watson said there are "tensions in all the party" and there is a lot of "pressure testing party bonds."

The Labour Deputy Leader said that EU election results could be a "wake up call" for his party.

With talk of a General Election following the Tory leadership contest James asked: "are you confident Jeremy Corbyn will be leading the Labour Party into that General Election?"

Mr Watson said his party had been calling for a General Election for months and that "Jeremy will definitely be taking us into that election."

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