'We need oxygen': Cremator in India calls on Boris Johnson for support

26 April 2021, 16:53

By Sam Sholli

A cremator in India has called on Boris Johnson to provide support to India as the country sees a surge in Covid cases.

Hospitals in India are facing a shortage in the supply of oxygen tankers as the number of Covid infections in the country has increased, leading to close to 2,800 deaths per day.

Jayant Malhotra, who is co-founder of the Sant Shiv Sewa foundation, told LBC's James O'Brien that the situation unfolding in India has led to him becoming "vert worried".

The Sant Shiv Sewa foundation is providing food, education, medication and cremation services for people affected by the Covid crisis in New Delhi.

Mr Malhotra told James: "We are very worried because in India there are a lot of deaths. Most of the deaths are caused due to the shortage of oxygen.

"I can understand that the population of India is in huge numbers. But the problem arising in the national capital is only [a] lack of oxygen...they are not getting the treatment."

Asked by James how many people he deals with every day, he replied: "We have already cremated more than 1,200 dead bodies.

"And you can understand that every day I [work on] 40 to 45 bodies."

Later in the exchange, Mr Malhotra told James: "Things are getting worse day by day. People are dying. People are suffering."

He went on to tell LBC that he wants Boris Johnson and other world leaders to "support India at this moment".

The UK has begun sending ventilators and life-saving equipment to India, following Boris Johnson tweeting on Friday: "We stand side by side with India as a friend and partner."

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