James O'Brien: If Nobody Promoted No Deal, Where Did It Come From?

7 May 2019, 12:43

James O'Brien addresses where no-deal Brexit came from, given that nobody campaigned for it before the referendum.

James O'Brien went through the arguments of Brexiteers before the referendum, asking where the prospect of no-deal Brexit came from.

"It wasn't on anybody's list of things that were possible," he said.

"Who promoted no-deal before that vote came in?

"Because if we are moving towards a place where no-deal is a possibility, then in a rational universe the necessity of a second referendum becomes irresistible.

"Absolutely nobody voted for no deal, but if you are now claiming that you voted for no deal you're lying."

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

Repeating the campaign lines from Brexiters, James said: "We'll be in Berlin doing deals, said David Davies.

"We'll be having our cake and eating it, said Boris Johnson.

"We'll be on the sun-lit uplands he added.

"It will be like Norway and Switzerland, said Farage.

"The German car industry won't countenance it, said Lord Digby Jones.

"They all told us that the deal would be great, it would be brilliant.

"They all told us that, every single one of them."

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