'Why The Government Blames Everything On Immigrants'

9 February 2017, 15:55 | Updated: 9 February 2017, 15:57

James O'Brien Thumbs Up

Stinging stuff from James O'Brien on how using immigration as an excuse is helping the government get away with a lot.

Reflecting on how immigration and refugees have come to dominate so many debates in the country, James says: "Everywhere you go, the song is the same.

"Down with refugees, down with foreigners, immigration is to blame for everything.

But James next turned his attention to Theresa May as he pondered why she wasn't doing more to question it.

"It's such a free pass for a Prime Minister, why would they both challenging that narrative?

"Why wouldn't they get into bed with the people selling it?

"That means you don't blame the Health Secretary for what's going on in the health service, you don't blame the Education Secretary for what's going on in schools, you don't blame the Home Secretary for what's going on in the country, you don't blame the Foreign Secretary for what's going on abroad.

"You just blame immigration. Blame it for everything.

"It's fantastic!

"Except it's a massive lie. And it's crippling our country."