Caller shares his Christmas Covid Qanon woes with James

16 December 2020, 15:04

EJ Ward

By EJ Ward

This caller told James a tale of woe revealing he was facing Christmas with his Covid denying, QAnon supporting in-laws.

With the national conversation focused on Covid restrictions over Christmas and families wondering if they will be able to see loved ones, one LBC lister shared his festive woes with James O'Brien.

A big sigh and "where do I start," was how Daniel from Warrington began his call to LBC.

He told James he married into a "very big family," the caller said to James over the last decade he has found them "absolutely lovely people."

But, he said while they would be within the rules this Christmas his in-laws "haven't obeyed the rules for the last six months."

Daniel revealed to LBC his wife's family are "part of the anti-vaxx, QAnon, Trump, supporting, Covid hox, don't wear masks," he said it wouldn't matter what the Government say, they will not obey the rules.

He said when he has tried to bring up the subject with his wife then it just causes arguments.

James asked if this meant he either had to be "on side with this or not?" Which Daniel agreed with.

The caller said his wife was "somewhere in the middle," but her family "bombard her" with conspiracy content meaning she is "more and more leaning towards that."

Channelling Risk Astley, James told the caller "nothing's gonna change your love for her."

With advice for the caller James told him to follow a specific disinformation journalist who directly addresses issues such as his.