James O'Brien's Immediate Response To Jeremy Corbyn Calling Off Brexit Talks

17 May 2019, 11:20 | Updated: 17 May 2019, 11:28

James O'Brien was left with his head in his hands after hearing the latest "groundhog day" on the Brexit talks.

The Labour leader's decision came after the prospect of a series of indicative votes including a customs union for goods was raised, leaving James despairing: "Oh, they still don't know what a customs union is!

"Or they think that because we're English, they think they can redefine what a customs union is."

Referring to where he are now, James said: "Just to remind you, we are live now on the radio, this isn't a tape from 12 weeks ago, this is breaking news.

"This is the same as the last three latest developments in British politics. It's Groundhog Day."

James O'Brien responded to Theo Usherwood's update on Jeremy Corbyn
James O'Brien responded to Theo Usherwood's update on Jeremy Corbyn. Picture: LBC / PA

LBC's Political Editor Theo Usherwood confirmed: "Yes, we are where we were when Theresa May stood up outside Downing Street six years ago."

Mr Corbyn ended the Brexit talks, saying that talks have “gone as far as they can” because of “the increasing weakness and instability” of the Government.

He concluded "we have been unable to bridge important policy gaps between us".