'It's not a chip on anybody's shoulder, it's a knee on your neck'

21 April 2021, 16:35 | Updated: 21 April 2021, 16:48

By Sam Sholli

This was a James O'Brien caller's response to former officer Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murdering George Floyd after following what he described as a "traumatic" case.

Chauvin, who who was filmed pinning George Floyd to the ground with his knee, was found guilty of second degree murder.

The case drew worldwide attention after Mr Floyd's death sparked protests across the world.

Az in Forest Hill began by saying he was following the Derek Chauvin trial "daily", before telling James "there's this historical context in which these things have to be viewed".

James then asked Az what he thought the outcome would have been in the case "if it wasn't for the footage".

Az responded: "They would have said it didn't happen."

He added: "This is the point, James. No matter the evidence, does a tree make sound when it falls over if you don't witness it? Some people are going to say 'no, it doesn't'.

"And when you have that kind of conversation with somebody you know you're not speaking the same language."

James then sought Az's response to people who accuse black people of having "a chip on [their] shoulder" and "playing the race card" when raising the issues he had.

Az replied: "It's not a chip on anybody's shoulder. It's a knee on your neck. That's what it is."

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