James O'Brien condemns caller for picking a fight instead of scrutinising government

30 April 2020, 15:38

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien condemned this caller who was set on picking a fight instead of scrutinising the government over the UK's coronavirus response.

The UK is on track to have the worst coronavirus death toll of any country in Europe, with the total number of lives lost passing 26,000, a figure which includes deaths in care homes and in the community for the first time.

"The statistics are genuinely staggering, so why are they not the biggest story in town?" James O'Brien said.

He emphasised he didn't want a scrap - but Christopher in Hillingdon had other ideas.

"I'm not a really big fan of you, James," said he said.

"I don't think that's the most important thing at the moment, Christopher," said James, trying to steer the caller back to the government's coronavirus response.

After he was accused of constantly criticising the Tory government James reminded the caller: "I talked up Rishi Sunak, I've praised Matt Hancock, I've said today don't get distracted by the question of whether or not the tests are done...

"Christopher tell me why you are not worried about us having potentially the highest death rate in the world? I don't want to talk about me."

Christopher said he was "really worried" to which James responded, "And yet here you are on national radio talking about the presenter not the figures."

"In your mind I'm more important than the death rates, Christopher," he said, "I can't countenance a conversation about me at the moment.

"I'm a flea on the massive beast of Britain and you, probably because you spend too much time on Twitter, here you are thinking that the most important conversation that you can have today as the United Kingdom heads for the highest death toll potentially on the planet, here you are talking about me."