James Predicts Hillary Will Pull Out - And This Caller Explains Why

As Hillary Clinton is diagnosed as having pneumonia, James and an American caller go through all the obstacles between her and the presidency.

In eight weeks and one day American citizens will go to the polls and vote for a new president. James O'Brien thinks that Hillary Clinton won’t be the Democratic candidate come November, and Eric, and American living in New Malden, agrees:

“I think she’s going to pull out, and I think it’s got as much to do with what happens after the election as it does before.

"Should she get elected she’s exposed on so many sides.”

Eric is no Trump supporter, and in fact believes they should both pull out, albeit for different reasons. But he believes that taking Trump out of the equation and just looking at Hillary’s list of problems makes her potential presidency untenable.

“If she gets in she’s going to get crushed on all sides.

“They’re going to go after her for the physical illness, they’re going to go after her for the emails. People still don’t forgive things like saying ‘I was under sniper fire’”

While Hillary’s pneumonia is the latest setback, Eric says he has been telling people for months that neither she nor Trump will be president.

“Something will happen to either of them and someone will come out and be the likeable candidate.

“There’s going to be some people in the DNC [Democratic National Committee] saying ‘we need to put someone else in’.”