'Prince Harry has made Diana proud by standing up for Meghan'

8 March 2021, 13:28 | Updated: 9 March 2021, 09:45

By Sam Sholli

Prince Harry has "made his mother proud", an emotional James O'Brien caller has said, following him and Meghan Markle's bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey.

During the Oprah Winfrey interview, the Duchess of Sussex told the US talk show host that she had suicidal thoughts while living as a Royal in England.

Rita in Surbiton told James she is an Indian woman and she never identified with the Royal Family due to the "racist historical undertones.

"I was so happy when he married Meghan, I thought it was the best thing that happened to the Royal Family - that people of colour now felt accepted."

She continued, "I was so proud of Harry for marrying [Meghan Markle] and I don't even know him.

"And I really feel proud of this young man for standing up for his wife. He could have easily done the opposite but he didn't.

"He is really a man of courage, and he has made his mother proud by that interview."

The caller, who became emotional, expressed her pride: "I was a young child when his mother passed away and didn't understand...how people treated people that did things differently."

Elsewhere in the interview, Meghan told Oprah that she had reached out to one of the best friends of the ate Diana, Princess of Wales, for help.

Meghan also claimed she asked Buckingham Palace for professional advice and that she was no longer allowed access to items such as her passport after joining the family.

The Duchess of Sussex then spoke of how Harry would cradle her when she was feeling very low.

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