Blogger At Centre Of Corbyn ‘Zionist’ Row Calls James O'Brien

29 August 2018, 12:05

Richard in Finchley rang James and revealed he was the person Jeremy Corbyn was referring to in not understanding English irony.

When James asked: "Are you? How do you know?" Richard replied "Because I wrote the blog on Manuel Hassassian."

James asked him if he was the Richard Millett - the Jewish blogger and lawyer, Richard replied: "Yes."

Mr Millett said the Labour leader's comments were racist and "deeply antisemitic", and called for him to apologise.

Richard continued: "I'm the only one he was referring to because I blogged the meeting in Parliament where Palestinian representatives said that the promised land is being paid for by God which in itself is deeply antisemitic.

"What I don't understand is why Labour haven't come out... and explained why they used the word 'English.' Someone has to pin this down."

Watch the full call above.