Brexiter Hangs Up On James O'Brien When He Asks For Logical Reason For Leaving

4 April 2019, 13:18

This is what happened when James O'Brien asked this leave voter to give him a logical reason for Brexit.

Mark called in to say that he wants to leave the European Union because he doesn't like it and disapproves of the idea of someone else telling us what to do.

But James explained that we are in the EU, helping to decide what direction it takes, so we're obviously not taking rules from anyone else.

And when he asked for some logic, Mark simply hung up on him.

The moment Mark hung up on James O'Brien
The moment Mark hung up on James O'Brien. Picture: LBC

Mark said: "I don't like the thought of the EU. I don't think that the EU respects other people's country and values that are specific to them.

"I was speaking to someone in Vienna who was saying they don't feel that their values and our values are aligned."

James told him: "Your reasons for not wanting another referendum so far is that you don't like the thought of the European Union because you met someone in Austria who said something."

After Mark had another couple of goes at saying why he doesn't like the EU, James told him: "If we are members of the European Commission, if we elect MEPs to the European Parliament, we are an integral part of the rule-making process.

"If we want a free trade agreement with that block, we must abide by almost all of those rules and you are saying that we must now be more independent and/or free by surrendering our right to help make the rules that we have to obey.

"I was wondering if you could take me through the logic in that."

What followed was the tell-tale click of the phone-line.

It's a terrific listen - watch the call in full at the top of the page