James O'Brien: Why You Can't Trust James Dyson On Brexit

13 November 2017, 11:19

It doesn't matter what a business leader preaches if their company is doing something altogether different, James said.

James Dyson recently sounded off about Brexit, calling for the UK to walk away from negotiations. James O'Brien said it was none of the £8 billion vacuum cleaner magnate's business.

He said: "He is suggesting companies like his should pay less tax, he is worth just shy of £8 billion, personally.

"While simultaneously suggesting people like him should be able to hire and fire staff more easily.

"He transferred production of his vacuum cleaners to Malaysia in 2002, while pledging his washing machines would stay in Britain. They moved a year later.

"And he's just opened a massive research and development facility in Singapore.

"But Paul Dacre and the Daily Mail describes him as the boss that's been speaking up for Britain. Strange times."

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