Dawn Butler: 'We can’t allow Boris Johnson’s ‘Trumpism’ to take over the UK'

23 July 2021, 12:19

By Tim Dodd

"We can’t allow Boris Johnson’s form of ‘Trumpism’ to take over the UK," Labour MP Dawn Butler tells LBC after she was ordered to leave the Commons yesterday for accusing the PM of lying.

Dawn Butler was asked to leave for the rest of the day after she refused to withdraw her claims that Boris Johnson "lied to the House and the country over and over again".

She claimed the PM had not been truthful with a number of claims, including his statement that Covid vaccines had "severed" the link between new cases and deaths, as opposed to having weakened it.

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Speaking to James O'Brien, Ms Butler said:

"Let's all follow the rules. Prime Minister, you come to Parliament and deliver statements in Parliament, instead of going to your mates in the press, in the media, delivering it there, and then politicians are secondary.

"We are not secondary, we are elected politicians, we are elected to serve our constituents in Parliament, but this government has tried to thwart that every step of the way. They tried to close down Parliament, given themselves Henry the eighth powers - democracy doesn't matter to them.

"Politicians on all sides of the house should actually stand with me on this and say this isn't our democracy, and we are fighting to take back control James."

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James asked whether Ms Butler had received any "words of support" from Conservative MPs.

"It's really interesting," Dawn said.

"When it's a fight for democracy, no matter what side of the spectrum you're on you kind of meet in the middle.

"When it's a fight for our freedoms, our rights, democracy, the rule of law, it's fundamentally British. And we are fighting for that together no matter what side of the house we sit on.

"If we allow the Prime Minister to do this now, who knows who will follow him or what will happen next. We can't allow that sort of Trumpism to take over the UK - we just can't have it."

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