James O'Brien's epic clash with caller who'll vote for Boris whatever he does as PM

22 January 2020, 12:14 | Updated: 22 January 2020, 12:40

James O'Brien rowed with this caller who insisted he would vote for Boris Johnson whatever he says or does.

James was discussing the government's U-turn over immigration, choosing a much more liberal path with their points-based immigration system.

Gary from Grays called in - and admitted he had no problem with the Prime Minister lying and said he would vote for him again regardless of whether he does what he said he would do.

Gary said: "You're knocking Boris, you're knocking the Conservatives. But it's the left that's at fault. If the Labour Party wasn't so poor... they're not offering anything for anyone to vote for."

James O'Brien had a row with Gary in Grays
James O'Brien had a row with Gary in Grays. Picture: PA / LBC

James pointed out he actually likes the new immigration policy and his question is how people who believed that the Prime Minister would be tough on immigration will be feeling about being betrayed.

The caller insisted: "We don't care. He can do what he likes because at the end of the day, we could have another vote next week and until the Labour Party offers an alternative, he can do what he pleases."

James responded: "I agree, but are you describing yourself as someone who doesn't care about facts or promises?

"Boris Johnson lies to you and you say you've been 'persuaded' by him.

"You're saying you will vote for Boris Johnson regardless of who he is, what he says or what he stands for because Jeremy Corbyn is such a wrong'un."

James then asked Gary for one policy that put him off Labour and what followed is a classic James O'Brien call.

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