James Tries To Educate Brexiteer On Fishing, But Is Left With His Head In Hands

7 December 2017, 14:29

When James O'Brien offered this Brexit voter some facts about the fishing industry in his hometown, the caller did not want to know.

Kevin from Grimsby said the "man in the street" was not interested in the complex issues surrounding Brexit.

"They just want it done", he claimed.

Kevin, who said those in Government “wouldn’t be able to run a pub”, insisted people in the industry would overcome any obstacles faced by leaving the EU.

They will "sit around a table" and "figure a way round it", Kevin added.

James O'Brien
Picture: LBC

But James pointed out that 90% of fish in Grimsby is actually imported from the EU.

Citing an article from the Grimsby Telegraph, he added: "The people who run the biggest employers are saying please do not make us do this”.

“The guy on the street works for these companies whose bosses are saying Brexit is going to be a disaster for your home town.

“These are employers describing going out of business”.

He said: “The people running the seafood industry in Grimsby are also predicting a 20% labour shortfall as a result of Brexit and delays in fresh fish reaching the town’s factories and import fees.”

And as the discussion moved on to trade deals, James became so exasperated he was literally left with his head in his hands.