James O'Brien explains "untold damage" of Brexit as trade talks halt

24 November 2020, 12:55

By Fiona Jones

As January looms and the British public do not know what trade with the EU will look like, James O'Brien predicts the "untold damage" that will befall the UK.

"[Remainers] really really want this to go well, there will be no Schadenfreude, satisfaction or happiness in seeing our country and our children's futures compromised even more than they already have been," James said.

This comes after post-Brexit trade talks have halted due to coronavirus after many unsuccessful rounds, with the Prime Minister said to be personally intervening to negotiate the continuing stalemate.

James reflected that in the Brexit fall out, if factories such as Nissan close "there's no opportunity for gloating" as thousands will lose their jobs.

If it does stay open there is no gloating for Brexit supporters as Brexit has "already done untold damage to our economy and our world standing."

He questioned how ministers such as Liz Truss are now celebrating the maintenance of deals the UK already has - and predicted that the first few months of 2021 "are going to be nuts."

"Especially if you voted for it, your life is going to get worse if you voted for it...the red tape, the regulations, they're all going to increase, even with a deal," he said.

"You've got a business, you voted for Brexit, you believed it was all going to be great, there was going to be £350 million a week to the NHS...now reality is biting, it's the polar opposite of what you were promised, what possible good is there in me sitting there and laughing at you or mocking you or criticising you?"

James said, "The people that I'm cross with are the people that sold you lies. I'm not cross with the people who believed it. There is no point."

He quoted the Bank of England governor Andrew Bailey who warned that a No Deal would do even more economic damage than Covid-19: "Of course it will. There's no vaccine for Brexit."