James O'Brien Finds Brexit Policy Which Parliament Would Pass: Germany+

11 February 2019, 15:27

James O'Brien found a Brexit policy which would be popular with both Leavers and Remainers and could pass through Parliament: Germany+.

Here, he outlines why it might work:

"What about Germany+? It's a form of Brexit. It gets is the same deal that Germany has but with added benefits.

"Under Germany+, we would get to keep control of our borders, because we wouldn't be in the Schengen agreement on free movement.

"We could send people from other countries home if they couldn't support themselves. We could do that under Germany+.

"We could stay out of the Euro. We wouldn't be in the single currency.

James O'Brien in the LBC studio
James O'Brien in the LBC studio. Picture: LBC

"If you are of the view that Turkey is going to be a disaster for the European Union whoever is in charge, then under Germany+, we would have the power of veto.

"The European Army: why are you frightened of European Union army? We'd actually be in it. History suggests it's the armies we not we're not in that pose the greatest threat, but under Germany+ we could veto that as well.

"We could vote on how the government spends our money.

"We could have lots of fresh food and medicines arriving unchecked into our country under some of the biggest trade agreements on the planet. We could have a one-third reduction in the fee we pay for all of these things.

"And finally we could vote on our own laws. We could have a court to make sure that British people and businesses are fairly treated, a court that obviously has to enjoy jurisdiction over the whole of the European Union, because it's there to make sure that no one member gets an advantage over the other, so it would defend our interests.

"That's called Germany+. It's also called being in the European Union."