James O'Brien's Brexit Top 10: 7. Caller Who Voted Brexit Because Of Three-Pin Plugs

15 August 2019, 13:57 | Updated: 23 June 2021, 09:47

Number seven in the James O'Brien Top 10 Brexit clips is the astonishing moment a caller said that he voted for Brexit so that we can continue to have three-pin plugs.

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While James enjoys a well-deserved break, we're counting down his 10 most popular videos on Brexit.

At number seven is Robert from Rochester, who called in to say the number one reason he had for leaving the EU was deregulation, "We can strip away from the EU laws we don’t like."

When asked for an example, Robert continued: “One of the ones for me is the plug system - I know it’s not very hugely [sic] but we obviously use the three-pin in this country. The EU don’t.

“So basically it means our safety aspects are a lot stronger than the generalisation of the EU.”

A bemused James responded: “But we’re in the EU? So you think we have to leave the EU to get three-pin plugs?”

Listeners were as baffled as James was...

Come back tomorrow for number six in the countdown.