James O'Brien's Lovely Tribute To Judith Kerr, Author Of The Tiger Who Came To Tea

23 May 2019, 14:34 | Updated: 23 May 2019, 14:43

This is James O'Brien's lovely tribute to Judith Kerr, the author of The Tiger Who Came To Tea, who died today aged 95.

Ms Kerr published more than 30 books over a 50-year career, including the Mog books about a troublesome cat.

James was discussing the story that parents are using technology such as Alexa instead of reading to their children when the news came in about the author's death.

He then told a couple of charming stories about people trying to find meaning in the story.

James O'Brien spoke lovingly of Judith Kerr's famous book
James O'Brien spoke lovingly of Judith Kerr's famous book. Picture: LBC / PA

One of the stories was this from an interview Emily Maitlis did with Ms Kerr. She revealed: "I remember asking Judith Kerr if the tiger symbolised the 1960s sexual revolution where normal mores and suburban life became upended by this wild and exotic creature.

"She told me no, it was about a tiger coming to tea."

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