James O'Brien's Must-Watch Take On Where The Left Has Gone Wrong

6 March 2017, 12:29

Brexit, Trump... politics has changed a lot in the last year and James O'Brien's analysis of where the left has gone wrong is a must-watch.

James believes liberals are simply wrong in suggesting that everyone just wants peace and stability. Some people just want to be better off and if others are worse off as a result, then so be it.

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Liberals have this awful belief that actually deep deep down everybody wants the world to be peaceful and safe, everybody does. And liberals are wrong. Huge swathes of the liberal community, call it what you will, are just so wrong.

"People don't want peace and safety, people are quite happy to see others being treated abominably, quite happy, if they have been persuaded that it will somehow make them better. And even if they haven't.

"You know it is not what you would call universal to feel pain. We live in a country where people can celebrate drowning children. This liberal myth that everybody deep deep down, if you give them enough evidence, you give them enough information, you give them enough benefit of the doubt, people will all want to be decent.

"Some people love conflict, they love chaos and if you've got nothing to feel proud of within yourself, well racism is great because it means you can be proud of your skin color. That's where we are."