James O'Brien's reaction to US Capitol pro-Trump riot

7 January 2021, 10:33

By Fiona Jones

James O'Brien reflected on the"breathtaking" but "predictable" scenes in America, as four people died after pro-Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol.

Four people have died including a woman who was shot after pro-Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol building while Congress debated the Electoral College vote that gave Joe Biden the presidency.

The crowds breached barricades amid violent clashes between the President's supporters and Washington DC police.There was confusion in the House chamber as the Capitol doors were locked and debate was suspended.

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President-elect Joe Biden said that democracy is "under an unprecedented assault" and demanded that President Trump make a televised address calling on his supporters to cease the violence.

In response to the protests, President Trump posted a video on his Twitter in which he said "this was a fraudulent election" as he told rioters to "go home" from Capitol Hill.

In an impassioned monologue, James reacted to the terrifying and "absolutely breathtaking" scenes in America which were "grimly predicted."

He branded the actions of pro-Trump supporters "the moment where those who had been encouraged to flirt with fascism the moment Donald Trump was elected sought to consummate that relationship."

James pinpointed the very moment that politicians and the media should have "locked President Trump up and thrown away the key", which James says has led to this shocking moment of violence and anti-democracy.

Watch James' full response above.

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