The Military Risk Manager Who Carried Out A Risk Assessment On Brexit

16 October 2018, 14:49 | Updated: 16 October 2018, 16:36

Richard Pendry is paid to go to the world's most dangerous places and carry out a risk assessment. This is what happened when he carried out a risk assessment on Brexit.

Richard voted for Leave in the EU Referendum in 2016 as a protest vote - he wanted the government to take notice of him and the other disenfranchised people out there.

After the vote, he began to get frustrated as the key players resigned - David Cameron, George Osborne, Nigel Farage - so decided to use his professional skills to look at the potential risks of Brexit.

He's now a campaigner for the People's Vote.

James O'Brien spoke to Richard Pendry about risk managing Brexit
James O'Brien spoke to Richard Pendry about risk managing Brexit. Picture: LBC

Speaking to James O'Brien, he said: "Risk management is not an exact science, but we have a lot of processes which, if you follow them, allow you to reduce the risk.

"I'm looking at the information being given by the politicians and I can't really see where they are coming from when they are making these statements. I can't understand where they are getting their information from.

"They are filling gaps with things that aren't factual. My world revolves around facts. I have to be able to analyse the context and present the information in a way that the senior management can make informed decisions.

"I don't see this process."

He says he went from being a Leave voter to a People's Vote campaigner because this decision is now too important to be left with politicians who are too busy fighting with each other.

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