'There's no free lunch': Ex-Uber driver says state has 'propped up' the company

17 March 2021, 12:34

By Sam Sholli

An ex-Uber driver has told James O'Brien that the state has been 'propping up' the company.

James Farrar made the claim after it emerged that Uber drivers in the UK are to get a guaranteed minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions.

It is understood that more than 70,000 drivers are set to receive the benefits from Wednesday.

The news comes as a result of Mr Farrar last month winning a six year legal battle with Uber, resulting in Supreme Court justices concluding that Ubers drivers should be classed as workers and not independent third-party contractors.

Responding to concerns that Uber users will have to pay more as a result of the ruling, Mr Farrar told LBC: "There's no free lunch in any of this. Uber has sadly relied on welfare wage subsidy.

"We see drivers working 40 or 50 hours a week and still not earning enough, [so] they have to have wage top-ups from our welfare system.

"Well that's not fair. That's the state propping up [and] giving wage subsidy to Uber."