Trump Is Disgusting, But He Should Be Allowed To Commemorate D-Day: James O'Brien

26 April 2019, 12:22

Donald Trump has said some disgusting things about war heroes, but he should be allowed to commemorate D-Day in the UK, says James O'Brien.

The US President has been invited for a state visit to the UK in June and will take part in a national event in Portsmouth on 5th June to mark the 75th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

James originally felt it was wrong for a man who had said so many negative things about soldiers in the past to participate in the ceremony.

But a comment from former Speaker Betty Boothroyd has changed this mind.

James O'Brien had his say on Donald Trump's state visit
James O'Brien had his say on Donald Trump's state visit. Picture: PA / LBC

Speaking on his LBC show, he said: "Trump is disgusting. That's clear. There are four clear examples.

"Ducking out on an Armistice ceremony because it would have messed up his hair.

"Dodging the draft with regard to Vietnam.

"Insulting John McCain a prisoner of war. McCain went to Vietnam, spent years imprisoned and got subsequently insulted by Dirty Donald Trump. He prefers his war heroes who don't get captured. Presumably, if he comes to commemorate D-Day, he'll stand up and say 'I prefer my war heroes not to get killed'.

"And insulting the families of a Muslim soldier who was killed on US Army duty.

"Yesterday, I would have said he couldn't. How dare he?

"But he's the President of the United States of America.

"Betty Boothroyd's right. The Speaker doesn't get to make this call. I don't think John Bercow has got any business saying Donald Trump can't address parliament to commemorate the US and British forces who fought alongside each other on D-Day."