James O'Brien On The Only Brexit Promise Which PM Can Keep

19 December 2018, 15:41

James said that Theresa May had inherited a "sack of promises" made by the ERG and the Brexit movement, and that after eliminating them all one by one, there was only one promise left to keep.

James insisted that curbing immigration had become the only Brexit promise which Theresa May can keep.

James' speech came after new plans were revealed in a document published by the Home Secretary Sajid Javid detailing the UK's new immigration policy after it leaves the European Union.

The scheme will be open to all EU states and migrant workers will be free to live and work in Britain for a year before being asked to leave for 12 months before applying again.

It would come into effect after the end of the implementation period in December 2020 and set new rules aimed at cutting net migration to sustainable levels.

James O'Brien Theresa May
Picture: LBC & PA

"So she inherits a sack of promises that have been made by, either the criminally stupid wing of the ERG or the profoundly sinister and dangerous wing of the Brexit movement", James starts.

"She's inherited all of their promises and she's gone through them one by one. I can't keep that, I can't keep that..." James says as he intimates Theresa May's thought process.

"The only [promise] I can keep, is the one about foreigners. And even though that won't do any good at all to the country, it will actually only do measurable harm, I can at least keep it, which is why I keep talking about the will of the people. Because for me to pull this off, I have to turn the will of the people into an immigration white paper.

Everything else is gravy" James signs off.