"You changed my life": says caller, leaving James O'Brien lost for words

7 February 2020, 13:04

This was the extremely moving moment a caller told James O'Brien that he used to be a "homophobic racist bigot" and listening to James everyday changed his life.

Dave shared that after his marriage broke down and he tried to take his own life, he went through hospital and therapy and became a much better person.

He said James became a huge part of that change for the better listening to his show was part of his transformation from a "homophobic racist bigot" to someone understanding.

Dave had sent James a letter which read that he wanted James to go home and tell his daughters that he'd changed someone's life.

"You need to understand that people who broadcast daily into peoples' lives, you have an effect," he said, "you're not sitting there mouthing out because there are people there who are actually sit and listen."

James joked that he would never open his mouth again because the caller has put so much responsibility on his shoulders.

"You changed me through all that period of time," he said, having shared he was in a very dark place,"I listened to subjects that you discussed with other people and I heard other peoples' stories, I heard so many things in my self that wasn't good as a result of what happened in my life.

"I'm a changed person and you had a part in that change."

James said that the caller would now have had an impact on someone else listening who may be feeling low, after sharing his story of change and personal improvement.

"You mustn't let go, there's always light at the end of the tunnel," Dave said.