James O'Brien admits he's "scared" after Home Secretary's latest ruling

14 January 2020, 12:10 | Updated: 14 January 2020, 13:33

James O'Brien admitted that he's scared after Priti Patel's latest decision.

James O'Brien admitted that he is now "scared" after Priti Patel's decision to brand Extinction Rebellion an "extremist" group.

He said: "As we continue this very odd and, for me at least, largely incomprehensible march towards becoming the first country in the history of the world to impose economic sanctions on ourself, I do begin to worry slightly about what they're going to do to keep a lid on it when reality begins to bite.

"You know, if you lose your job, how much comfort will you derive from the fact that the chimes of Big Ben rang out at midnight on January the 31st?

"If you've already lost your job as a result of Brexit, then are you going to be comforted by those bongs?"

James O'Brien admits he's "scared" after Home Secretary's latest ruling
James O'Brien admits he's "scared" after Home Secretary's latest ruling. Picture: PA

He continued: "Then I get worried about what the Government is up to and when I read the Home Secretary talking about Extinction Rebellion, an organisation made up of an awful lot of children marching under its banner.

"She sees it in the same light as some terrorist organisations then, well, tell me why I shouldn't be scared?"

James O'Brien then said: "I am going to use the word 'scared' because you could be the toughest cookie in town, if the Government targets you, I don't care how tough you are.

"Should I be scared? I am scared. Tell me that I shouldn't be."

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