Captain Sir Tom Moore's grandson pays incredible tribute on LBC

3 February 2021, 11:49 | Updated: 3 February 2021, 12:48

By Fiona Jones

Captain Sir Tom Moore's grandson today paid an incredible touching and personal tribute to his grandfather, saying he "didn't expect anything" in return for his actions, which saw nearly £33m raised for the NHS.

Grandson Tom Teixeira felt compelled to phone in to LBC after Captain Tom tragically passed away on Tuesday with coronavirus, after going in to hospital with pneumonia.

In an incredible final year the war veteran raised over £32 million for the NHS by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday.

Young Tom said he wanted to share his memories of what Captain Tom was like "as a granddad" to James O'Brien and LBC listeners after a deluge of heartwarming messages in support of his actions.

He told James: "He is what you see on TV. He's just a go-getter. He doesn't slow down for anyone, even at 100-years-old with a Zimmer frame.

"I remember growing up with him we'd go ride bikes along a train track in Gravesend and he wouldn't slow down for me. He'd just carry on going."

James asked how Captain Tom reacted to the sudden fame and celebration around his 100 lap challenge.

Tom said that his grandfather "always liked a challenge" and being a typical Yorkshireman "got on with it".

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"He was doing it for the NHS. He wasn't thinking about himself. He was thinking about passing on a love. I think that's what really caught people's eyes," said Tom.

He continued: "I know how much it meant to him meeting the Queen, it's a shame we couldn't be there, but I know how much joy that would have brought to him. He's such a patriot to the country.

"I think what really got to me was when he was talking about the Spitfires flying over him. It was a good day and a bad day for him in remembering what happened when he was in Burma when the planes flew over.

"Everything was so personal."

Tom said that everything that happened in the last year "touched his heart" which is why people could connect with him.

He told James it was "tough" that his family could not give Captain Sir Tom the send off desired, due to Covid restrictions, but said his grandfather would "want something nice and small."

"I'll definitely remember him for everything he's done. He's been a father figure for all of us," Tom said, "he showed so much resilience.

"It's all rubbed off on us and in a sense the whole country."

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