James O'Brien's Brexit Top 10: 6. Taking Apart Dominic Raab One Statement At A Time

16 August 2019, 12:36 | Updated: 23 June 2021, 09:48

The moment that James O'Brien took a forensic look at the words of Dominic Raab is at number six in the countdown of his top clips.

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7. The caller who voted for Brexit because of three-pin plugs

While James enjoys his well-deserved holiday, we're counting down the top 10 James O'Brien clips on Brexit.

At number six is James's viral clip on Dominic Raab, now the Foreign Secretary.

At the time, he was one of the favourites to be the next Conservative leader. James wanted to look into what he believed in.

There was no opinion - it was simply listening to Mr Raab's own words. And Mr Raab was so annoyed by hearing his own words, he blocked James on Twitter!

The clips speak for themselves. Watch it in full at the top of the page.