James O'Brien Lists Off Issues More Crucial Than Corbyn's Comment

20 December 2018, 10:58 | Updated: 20 December 2018, 11:12

James O'Brien listed off issues which he perceives to be more important than Corbyn's inaudible "stupid woman" remark, which was made during Prime Minister's Questions yesterday.

A clip of Jeremy Corbyn making the comment is being shared widely on social media and appears to show Jeremy Corbyn mouthing the words “stupid woman” at Theresa May.

The alleged remarks came after the Prime Minister said the Labour Party “aren’t impressed” with their leader’s stance on Brexit.

As MPs jeered, the Labour leader appeared to mouth the words "stupid woman", although he has since claimed that he said "stupid people".

James O'Brien said that he thought everyone had "piled in on the lip reading question yesterday because it is actually the closest we've come, in the context of modern British politics, to a little bit of light-hearted relief.

James O'Brien
Picture: LBC

James pointed out a handful of "more important" issues which he thought we should be worrying out including the imminent withdrawal of American troops from Syria, preparations for a potential no-deal Brexit scenario, and the death of a homeless man sleeping rough in Westminster this week.

"Did you see Dele Ali had a bottle thrown at him at the Spurs game last night by an Arsenal fan? You've seen the Chelsea fans with the Nazi posters, and the racist abuse of Raheem Sterling.

"All of this has been unleashed by Brexit, all of it, but let's get a lip-reader in to work out whether or not Jeremy Corbyn said 'stupid woman' or stupid people' yesterday in the house of commons", James said.

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