James O'Brien's Brexit Top 10: 3. When A Ukip Candidate Called In

21 August 2019, 14:16 | Updated: 23 June 2021, 09:48

The remarkable call from a four-time Ukip candidate to James O'Brien is at number three in the countdown of his best Brexit clips.

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Listeners labelled this call from Philip in Sandbach one of the best calls ever as he called in to explain why the UK needs to cut down on immigration, despite being born abroad himself.

James was asking why it could possibly be a bad thing for MPs to have a say if we can only get a rotten deal from the EU.

Then Philip called up and LBC listeners all stopped what they were doing in disbelief.

James asked him: "They say 'We must have the right to apply the brake if it becomes absolutely obvious that we're driving into a burning building.'

"And you say 'No, even if we're driving into a burning building, we must absolutely not have a brake'?"

Philip responded: "Yes, I agree.

James then asked: "You did hear the words that came out of my mouth, right?"

Philip told James that his hometown Sandbach was 98% white, but he was worried by the number of Somalians who have come to Britain on Dutch passports, something that made him vote for Brexit.

Afterwards, listeners tweeted about how remarkable the call was.

Some people were convinced that Philip was a hoax caller, but LBC's investigation shows that he did indeed stand for Ukip four times, including in the General Election in 2010 in Milton Keynes South, getting just over 2,000 votes.