James O'Brien's theory of why Tories don't want inquiry into PM lying

20 April 2022, 11:37

James O'Brien offers two theories on why people don't want Stds c'tee investigating PM

By Seán Hickey

There are two theories as to why 'client journalists' and 'sycophantic politicians' don't want an inquiry into whether Boris Johnson lied to Parliament, James O'Brien explains.

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Boris Johnson appeared in front of the House of Commons yesterday to apologise for breaking the lockdown rules himself and his Cabinet devised.

The Prime Minister was sure to state that he wasn't aware that his birthday party was in breach of those lockdown rules.

Since Tuesday, the Conservatives have whipped their MPs to oppose an inquiry into whether Boris Johnson has misled the House, which would be a resignation matter.

"Why on earth would Tory MPs not want an investigation into whether or not the Prime Minister misled Parliament?" James O'Brien wondered, stating that the PM stands accused of "one of the fundamental fractures in the democratic process."

The question of whether or not the PM lied to Parliament stands "almost beyond precedent", according to James.

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He couldn't work out the Conservatives excuse that an investigation into the PM would distract the government from running the country: "This is a Standards Select Committee. It exists exclusively to investigate whether standards have been breached."

James offered two theories as to why supporters of Mr Johnson are opposed to an inquiry.

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"Option number one: 'I just don't want it to be proved by the Standards Committee that he lied because then I think even I would struggle to come up with a way of pretending, oh I don't know, Keir Starmer is the real bad guy, or it's all a load of fuss over cake'."

He then offered the "marginally more generous" second theory.

"They are seeking to persuade themselves that even if he did lie to the House of Commons it would be a waste of time and energy to prove it."

"It's not great whichever way you look at it, is it? But that is Brexit Britain."

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